TSP DIY is a decentralized, timed race inspired by the energy and challenge of the LALV desert relay. Teams and solo runners choose their own routes, and teammates can run legs from anywhere in the world for TSP DIY’s 29 hour, 51 minute race.

Thousands of athletes from 40 countries are participating across all phases of this race: the ultra-relay, fundraising for causes that matter, sharing their stories back to the livestream, submitting captures for the (STILL) NO NAME Photo Contest, and otherwise showing what it looks like to not be a spectator.

The Livestream includes a team of hosts announcing Leaderboard updates On The Hour, Every Hour™️ via @thespeedproject and full, nonstop race coverage until the results are in*; interviews with special guests; live look-ins with Hubs, teams, and solo runners; race analysis; team intro videos and in-race content; musical guests; and too much more. 


The TSP FUND, founded last year for the launch of TSP DIY, raises support and awareness for organizations around the world working at the intersection of running and racial, environmental, and social justice. Learn more about our partner organizations (Run Hope WorkThe Running CharityTrackGirlz, and Wings of America) and make a donation or support a team at Questify. The farther teams run, the more we raise for the most important of causes in our running community.



TSP DIY is about action, creativity, all-in participation, doing what we can with what we’re given, what we can find, what we can scour, what we can build.

to be a part of TSP DIY is to involve oneself, to bring others in, to share an experience. in a time when we’ve been instructed to stay away from one another, our community can become stronger by connecting in ways never imagined.

there are NO SPECTATORS in TSP DIY - we take each other in, we watch what’s happening in order to immerse ourselves in the lives of those around us, we support our community and the things that matter to our community.

no spectators. 🏴 🏴 🏴