TSP DIY includes a fundraising component for each participating team or solo runner, rooted in our stand with and support for groups and organizations working at the intersection of running and racial, environmental, and social justice.

The TSP FUND will support groups around the world that are working to provide access, opportunity, and other resources to communities marginalized by structural racism or inequity. We’re honored to partner with Run Hope WorkThe Running Charity, TrackGirlz, and Wings of America during this year’s race.

In partnership with Questify, teams and solo runners will support and engage their community to help raise money for these organizations for every kilometer run during TSP DIY, collecting pledges from their friends, families, and communities. 

Quest Fundraising pages are now live on Questify. Find the team and runner you want to support, make a one-time donation or pledge-per-distance-run, and follow the team's progress during TSP DIY.

100% of proceeds to the TSP Fund will directly support the following non-profit organizations:

RHW is a workforce development program supporting young adults in Washington, D.C. to chart a pathway out of poverty, combining running, mindfulness, and vocational training to promote overall well-being and long-term employability.

Through running, community, mentoring and meaningful support services, TRC transforms the lives of young people experiencing homelessness by addressing long-term issues that compound a person’s situation and pushing them to achieve their full potential.

Providing girls access to higher education, mentorship, and sport through track and field empowerment programs with women from the TrackGirlz community, including Olympians, elite coaches, and industry leaders, giving access to mentorship and expert performance education.

Inspired by the cultural, spiritual, and competitive legacy of Native runners, Wings empowers Native youth and their families, building healthy Native communities using youth running initiatives.